Shin Yang wood based Group of Companies consists of:

  • Shin Yang Plywood (Miri) Sdn Bhd
  • Shin Yang Plywood (Bintulu) Sdn Bhd
  • Shin Yang Wood System Sdn Bhd
  • Forescom Plywood Bhd
  • Zedtee Plywood (Tatau) Sdn Bhd
  • Menawan Wood Sdn Bhd

Shin Yang Woodbased Group of Companies established their first plywood mill, Zedtee Plywood (Tatau) Sdn Bhd in year 1989 where it was categorized as one of the most “Modern Plywood Mill” in Sarawak.

As Zedtee Plywood Sdn Bhd’s success became apparent, the management of Shin Yang decided to expand its flagship plywood mill in Miri by launching Shin Yang Plywood (Miri) Sdn Bhd in 1993. This is followed by Shin Yang Laminated Board Sdn Bhd (1994), Shin Yang Plywood (Bintulu) Sdn Bhd (1996) and Shin Yang Wood System (Danum) Sdn Bhd (2000).


Summary of our Wood based business

  • Manufacturing quality wood based products such as plywood and construction material based on wood


We, SY WOODBASED Group Of Companies will be focusing on global product acceptance. We aim to play an important role in the global market, through Quality, in compliance with global standards i.e. CE, UL, GD and etc. In addition, SY WOODBASED Group Of Companies will maintain a good relationship with our “eastern partners” by developing new initiatives in marketing or other new trends through interactive communications.

Currently, SY WOODBASED Group Of Companies’ largest importers are the Japanese market, followed by the Chinese, Korean, US and Australian markets. We plan to increase our export markets in the near future through globalization.

 We will be focusing on using foreign-based resources to further improve our ability to compete internationally. We believe that the benefits accrued from acquiring international contacts, and having R&D investments abroad can add new products and value-added products to our company’s existing product line, thus, increasing our competitive edge for global success. Investments for R&D abroad will in turn help SY WOODBASED Group Of Companies to develop new and improved products specifically required for foreign markets, hence setting new benchmarks in the timber industry. Further, this will generate a line of new technologies through a long-term exploratory nature.
We aim at being one of the first companies in the timber industry to be at total efficiency and environmental friendly basic. All of our resources are projected to be fully utilized. We are utilizing our wood resources at a very high rate now but there are still room for improvement. Our other aim is to achieve total dust and noise free environment in all our mills.
Through improvement on data processing and analysis on the current system, this will achieve a more transparent and organized production control. It serves the purpose of getting better and effective results. Our future plan includes the possibility of using “Fully Automated” production lines which will guarantee quality and volume sustainability.

We are also aiming to be a fully air-conditioned plywood based factory where we believe it tends to boost the efficiency of workers/employee where they can perform their individual tasks in a cool, clean and fresh environment in line with ISO14000:2000 as well as ISO18001:1998 requirement. Employees will be more motivated, thus leading to an increase in production capacity, better working environment and improved health and safety.

Shin Yang Woodbased Group Of Companies strives and aims to lead a competitive edge by being customer oriented and providing the best value products. We care for health, safety and environmental issues.

We protect the environment by preventing and reducing the environmental impact of our activities and its products through manufacturing process, green machineries, appropriate design, and efficient disposal practices.

As a team, Shin Yang Woodbased Group of Companies promotes high standard of integrity and professionalism in our work environment and in our products and services.


Today, Shin Yang Woodbased Group of Companies has grown from a small plywood mill with a start up capacity of 10,000 meter cubic per month, to a successful wood product manufacturer with a capacity of over 100,000 meter cubic metres per month. We are now amongst Asia’s leading exporter of wood products in the Asian region mainly to Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and USA.


 One of the key factors of Shin Yang’s Group success comes from our strong emphasis on various proprietary performance technologies in its production lines. With its ever-expanding policy, the Group owns various ‘state of the art’ Japanese wood product machineries and is still increasing the numbers of high tech machineries. Equipped with high tech and advanced testing instruments, Shin Yang’s Quality Control Laboratory is considered one of the first advanced privately owned Plywood Research Laboratory in the nation. Shin Yang is confirming its research to achieve the better products.


Quality Management System
 Quality Management System has been established. We are recognized by the international body for tight quality control and consistency of Process Management under ISO 9002:1995 in year 2001. We later upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2002.

It is undeniable that Shin Yang Group pushes towards quality and product acceptance by the customers and customer satisfaction. However, the strive continues as we are in the progress of achieving ISO 14001:1998 - Environment Management System by year 2005 and ISO 18001:2000 - OHAS System.

We are the first in Malaysia to be awarded the prestigious Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS) Certification and today, being the pioneer, all products are certified with JAS certificate. We are also the first plywood manufacturer in this region to be registered under JAS as a qualified F4* plywood manufacturer.

Contact us
For product and services query contact us using details below:

Mr. Alvin Yee
Shin Yang wood based Group of Companies
Lot 198, Block 1, Kuala Baram Land District,
P.O.Box 1599, 98008 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: +60-85-604599   Fax: +60-85-604555


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